Western Eagle Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization, founded in 1991 and today is the largest food and home goods store that subsidizes all our community programs in Southern California. Our mission is to “feed the hungry” by offering affordable food choices at a very low cost to help alleviate food insecurity and make sure no baby, child, or family goes hungry.  Western Eagle Superstore is filled with discounted groceries, baby formula, clothing, home goods, health and beauty products, pet food and accessories and furniture. SHOP US FIRST!

Western Eagle is in a 44,000 square foot warehouse in Temecula, California, with room for food storage, refrigeration, freezer, bulk food pallets and driveways for semi-trucks to drop off food and goods and for pickup and delivery of food to outlying communities. Additionally, floor space is used to sell salvage goods, furniture and foods bought at cost by Western Eagle Foundation, Inc. to the public with proceeds used to support operating costs and programs.

Western Eagle Foundation feeds 350 families and more a week with food boxes that include healthy proteins, breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and non-perishable staples. Our food boxes bring savings to your wallet, smiles and full tummies to babies and children.


Every Cent Matters For Every Hungry Heart.

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What People are Saying....

Serving as Southern California’s largest food distribution center, Western Eagle Foundation provides unparalleled expertise in collecting and distributing food to more than 60 cities

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Western Eagle Foundation is dedicated to providing quality assistance, be it food, clothing, household goods or other necessities

Riverside County Office of Aging

The food box program can provide two healthy meals a day for a week to a family of four for just $15.00. In today’s difficult times, Western Eagle Foundation is providing a vital public health nutritional service….by keeping food on the table for those hardest hit by the economy

San Diego Union Tribune

My paycheck doesn't go as far as it used to anymore

Single Mom

My husband lost his job and I need to stretch our dollars - we get a lot for very little!

Brett Lewis

I live on a fixed income, Western Eagle Foundation has really helped me.

Senior Citizen