Western Eagle Foundation Discount Food and Home Goods Store
Western Eagle Foundation Discount Food and Home Goods Store is a 44,000 sq. ft warehouse with freezers, refrigerators, racks of shelving, receiving, and loading area, drive-thru for bulk food pickup, friendly staff, and volunteers to assist every client or customer walking through the door. Inventory is directly purchased by the Western Eagle Foundation from farms, growers, grocery superstores, retail stores and local outlet business. Open to the public 7 days a week for easy access to food. Physical Address: 40940 County Center Drive, Temecula, CA.

Western Eagle Foundation Food Box
Western Eagle Foundation Food Box supports an average of 300 individuals/families (no income requirements) a week with in-store food boxes that includes healthy food such as staples, breads, fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy and no limits to how many boxes may be obtained. Western Eagle Foundation posts a daily picture on social media of the Food Box with staples available, plus shows pictures of the many fruits, vegetables and breads clients may select from. Store hours are Monday through Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm. Food Boxes are available M-F 9am thru 5:15pm and Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-4:15pm. We care about feeding single Moms and babies, families, veterans and seniors and our food boxes on average contain the following: a high-protein box of cereal, cans mixed fruit, cans tomato sauce, beans, tuna, eggs, bag of rice, bag of oats, milk and cookies, and additionally the client/customer is able to choose and add to their box the following: a bag of chips, 1 loaf of bread, package of rolls, plus from the fresh and fruits aisle such as 1 onion, 2 bags of garlic, 3 bags red grapes, 1 cantaloupe, 1 bunch of bananas, 2 pkgs of watermelon, 6 red potatoes, 1 bag of purple grapes, 1 bag of radishes, 8 peppers, 2 bags of sweet potatoes, 1 bag broccoli, 1 bag Cole-slaw, 3 russet potatoes, 1 pkg celery, 4 Yuca and 1 bag of kale.

Western Eagle Foundation Community Food Bank
We provide the opportunity for community agencies to pick up bulk food via pallets (approximately 1.9 million pounds a year) every Thursday and deliver to outlying communities to help feed people in need, benefitting 117,800 families annually. On average, more than 20 registered nonprofit and faith-based organizations show up with trucks, vans, and cars to have the food pallets loaded and transport to families in need of food living in outlying communities, where food insecurity is high, and it may be difficult to drive or afford gasoline to get to a store or food pantry.

Western Eagle Foundation Hunger Heroes
Western Eagle Foundation collaborates with other agencies to coordinate and maximize services to clients. Nonprofit organizations pick up monthly quantities of food boxes and/or food box vouchers to serve veterans, shut-in seniors, and community youth and families in need of food. Western Eagle Foundation thanks them for helping us extend our community outreach to those in need of food.

Western Eagle Foundation Work Development-
Western Eagle Foundation believes in giving everyone a second chance and an opportunity to grow. The work development program is offered to volunteer youth, young adults, seniors, individuals with disabilities, veterans, high school students, special needs groups and those recovering from addictions. Volunteers learn new skills in working for a nonprofit organization, with a food and home goods store, and learn how to serve both clients in need of food and customers shopping for the lowest price. Volunteers can move forward toward their goals and increase their skill set in stocking, packing, shelving, sorting, pricing, cashiering, customer service, work ethics, business policies and procedures.


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Serving as Southern California’s largest food distribution center, Western Eagle Foundation provides unparalleled expertise in collecting and distributing food to more than 60 cities

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