Who We Are

Western Eagle Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization, founded in 1991 and today is the largest food and home goods store that subsidizes all our community programs in Southern California. Our mission is to “feed the hungry” by offering affordable food choices at a very low cost to help alleviate food insecurity and make sure no baby, child, or family goes hungry.

Who We Serve

Weekly, we feed 350 food-insecure families with food boxes that include healthy proteins, breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and non-perishable staples. Our food boxes bring smiles and full tummies to babies, children, and their working families. Veterans, Senior Citizens, Shut-Ins, and Single Moms are just some of the households that rely on our services.

We distribute food through our community partners all over Orange, Southwest Riverside, San Bernardino County and Northern San Diego Counties.

Tier 1 Cal Recycle Reporting

As a Tier 1 business, many times you have more produce, fresh grocery, and shelf-stable foods that you can donate.  We can help! When you donate food items to Western Eagle Foundation, WEF, we will track the donation and provide you a report for your compliance requirements, as often as you need it; monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The need is growing

California’s food insecurity is growing. The combined effect of still record-levels of hunger, a decline in Federal food support, and rising cost of food is creating a crisis for our food bank.

Here are the stats:

  • Hunger remains alarmingly high in California. Since the beginning of 2022, food insecurity in California has been rising steadily. The latest data shows that 20% of our population is experiencing food insecurity. Most food bank reported that they are still serving between 1.5 to 3 times the number of people they were serving pre-Pandemic, and alarmingly, nearly half reported that they are serving between double to triple the number of people compared to 2019. The crisis in food insecurity in California is far from over, and we know from the Great Recession that this reality will likely persist for many years to come.
  • People who receive CalFresh (SNAP) benefits will be faced with a dramatic reduction in their food benefits when the Federal Public Health Emergency sunsets. When this happens, CalFresh recipients are expected to lose on average $82 per month in Emergency Allotments.
  • This is all compounded by record-setting price food inflation, from pandemic related supply shocks and other market disruptions. The most recent Consumer Price Index report highlights that grocery prices have risen 10.8% in the past year; the largest 12 month increase in 42 years. We, and other food banks are spending three times more on food purchases than we did in 2019.
We pick-up

Our refrigeration and panel trucks pick up food from a variety of wholesale distributors that need to dispose of their inventory quickly, especially around expiration or best used by dates.  We accept dry goods, meat, eggs, produce, canned goods, personal hygiene items, and more. We can schedule a regular pickup weekly or when you need us.

Our Partners

We partner with service organizations, veterans’ groups, senior centers and other nonprofits to ensure the food we receive is distributed throughout the region. We coordinate and collaborate with other agencies to maximize services. Nonprofit organizations pick up monthly quantities of Food Boxes and/or Food Box Vouchers and deliver to those that are facing hunger throughout the community.  Whether they drop off to a senior on a fixed income, or to a working family that that is struggling to make ends meet, by working together we can serve more.

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Serving as Southern California’s largest food distribution center, Western Eagle Foundation provides unparalleled expertise in collecting and distributing food to more than 60 cities

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