Since 1996, Western Eagle Foundation (WEF) has been a sustainable nonprofit (501c3) organization. Today WEF has grown to the largest discount food and home goods warehouse in Southern California. Western Eagle Foundation (WEF) depends on our volunteers. We have four service areas where volunteers are needed, Food Distribution, Greeters, Customer Service, and Community Outreach.


WEF has two food distribution programs: the Food Box Program and the Food Bag Program. The Food Box Program allows our clients to select from fresh produce, grocery items, and canned goods that best fits their family’s needs. Food Boxes are available every day, with Tuesdays being our busiest day. The Food Bag Program is grant-funded, and distribution occurs every other Friday and at times, at pop-up opportunities throughout the communities. Volunteers are needed to assist with food distribution both in the store and in the community.


WEF’s customer service team is amazing. Volunteers support our customer service staff by answering questions, providing program information, light administrative tasks, and general support. Customer service volunteers are needed every day, during operating hours.


WEF has community outreach volunteer opportunities that include speaking engagements, community, and networking events. Materials and presentations are provided. Community Outreach volunteers are needed throughout the year and includes daytime, evenings, and weekends.


WEF’s Discount Food and Home Goods Store welcomes new customers every day. Our Greeters welcome our customers and provide an overview of our store, services, and mission. Greeters are needed every day, during operating hours.



What People are Saying....

Serving as Southern California’s largest food distribution center, Western Eagle Foundation provides unparalleled expertise in collecting and distributing food to more than 60 cities

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