Western Eagle Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization, founded in 1991 and today is the largest food bank and food assistance center in Southern California. Our mission is to “feed the hungry” by offering affordable food choices at a very low cost to help alleviate food insecurity and make sure no baby, child, or family goes hungry. The Western Eagle Superstore is filled with discounted groceries, baby formula, clothing, home goods, health and beauty products, pet food and accessories and furniture. SHOP US FIRST!

Western Eagle Foundation feeds 250 families and more a week with food boxes that include healthy proteins, breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and non-perishable staples. Our food boxes bring savings to your wallet, smiles and full tummies to babies and children.  (Insert picture from Serena)

You can help! This month in October we are running our BOGO (BUY ONE GIVE ONE) campaign, and we encourage you to sponsor a food box for a family in need at the check-out counter.  Your family name will be jotted down on a pumpkin and posted on the “Donor Wall” behind the check out counter. Thank you in advance for helping us help feed those in our surrounding communities.

Here are some coupons for the week and we hope to see you real soon.